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5-Year Warranty

Australian Building Standard

Sustainable Timber

70mm Thick Timber Profile

High-Quality Timber

Double-Glazed Doors and Windows

2 External Doors

10 Windows

4 bed & 2 bath


Starting from just

This gives you 114  sqm internal area.

Price is for the kit only: $160,000 Delivered*

The kit comes with:

  • Walls: 70mm profile solid timber, cut to size, ready to assemble
  • Flooring: 19mm tongue and groove, solid timber
  • Roof beams: 136mm x 70mm, full span for N3 wind rating
  • Roof: 19mm tongue and groove, solid timber
  • 6 internal rooms 
  • 10 double-glazed windows
  • 2 double-glazed door 
  • 6 internal doors
  • Building plans

Price includes standard delivery.

Standard delivery means that the crane truck is able to access the building site of the cabin. 

Talk to us about access to your property.

Under-cabin construction:

Depending on your needs and the lay of the land, you’ll need an under-cabin construction.

Price is to be confirmed.

  • 125mm round, treated pine, H4 posts at 800mm in length per post. Be mindful that sloping blocks will increase the quantity of posts and concrete, and that this will increase the price accordingly
  • Concrete for posts
  • Brackets

Some customers prefer a concrete slab. If this is the case, let us know and we can provide a price estimate.

The cabin kits come with a timber roofing.

We can organise Colorbond Roofing to go over the top of the timber beams, in a choice of different colours. For this cabin, Colorbond roofing material starts from $5,000.

The choice of roofing is up to you. Some customers source their own bitumen shingles, which look great on our timber cabins but can be more expensive.

Talk to us about our finance options.

We work together with several finance brokers to help find the best solution for you.

Cabin is installed to lock-up stage, ready to use.

This price for the installation is for the cabin kit only, on flat and cleared soil ground.

Installation prices may vary, depending on things like the type of soil, whether soil testing is required, if the ground is on a slope, etc.

Even if your property has unique challenges, Timber Garden Cabins will be there to help and guide you through the whole process.

Talk to us about cabin painting options: colours and extras.

If you want electricity running to your cabin, we work with electricians all across Australia and can arrange for power to be connected for you. 

Electricity connection involves an additional cost, quoted on a case-by-case basis.

If you want plumbing running to your cabin, we work with plumbers all across Australia and can arrange for plumbing to be connected for you.

Plumbing connection involves an additional cost, quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that plumbing requires council approval

Size, space and comfort, with that timber cabin charm

A truly impressive timber cabin, the Port Lincoln easily accommodates an entire family, with plenty of room for individual privacy as well as larger spaces for everybody to be together. 

A bedroom sits in each corner of this expansive house, with a bathroom at either end, unified by the large central living space. 

Designed to endure the Australian climate, this stately timber cabin is constructed from sustainable Nordic Spruce, with a sturdy construction that will stand the test of time.

A generous family home

The Port Lincoln provides real room to live. This timber dwelling adds tremendous value to your property, as well as helps to solve the current housing crisis by providing a well-needed second home in your own backyard.

A cozy yet spacious home for loved ones, as well as an excellent rental property, the Port Lincoln makes for a wise investment.

Pays itself off, then becomes a continuous income

By renting this cabin out, that regular income can pay off your initial investment within 4-5 years. Even better, by taking out equity from your mortgage, you might not even need to put down any cash. Talk to your bank or broker about this real estate trick.

Our prefabricated timber houses arrive as flat-packed kits imported from Europe. The quick installation times, and the fact that we go direct from the manufacturer to the consumer, keep costs low to maximize your savings. 

Swift manufacture, delivery, installation and a swift return on investment too

You can transform your property with the Port Lincoln cabin within just four months, because we make things so easy for you. 

From our initial phone conversation, we do a free online assessment of your property. If there are no overlays from town planning in the way, we then come out and meet you on site. We can answer any questions, determine the best spot for the Port Lincoln cabin in your backyard, and give you all the details you need to make your decision.

Get started making more from the land you own. Fill out the information request or give us a call today!


If you are interested in financing your cabin, we can work with finance brokers to find the best solution for you.

For expanding your own home or providing one for someone else, Timber Garden Cabins are the smart choice.
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