• 5-Year Warranty
  • Australian Building Standard
  • Sustainable Timber
  • Under 20 sqm
  • Under 3 Metres High
  • In NSW Free From Council Approval
  • 44mm Thick Timber Profile
  • High-Quality Timber
  • Double-Glazed Doors and Windows
  • Long Double Door
  • 2 Double Windows
  • Internal Room

Starting From Just $15,997*

Expand your Living!

It’s the backyard cabin that inspired our slogan, and represents the potential found within every one of our cabins – the potential to expand the space you live in. 

If you don’t have enough space at home: space to work, to live, to relax, to express yourself… Then this cabin is for you. 

At one point, your house may have been big enough but that’s no longer the case. Maybe the kids want their own rooms, or maybe what used to be extra space has been filled by the rest of the family living their lives. However it happened, the fact is that you need space to breathe, explore and engage with your passions. 

Take the space you need

At 20 square metres, the Expand is small enough to fit into your backyard but easily big enough to accommodate your passions. It enables creativity, fitness, or even a home office for a small business you’re starting to get off the ground. It lets you reclaim a piece of your life that you haven’t had the space for, or the room you need to try something entirely new.

Easier than you think

Adding a Timber Garden Cabin to your property is fast, affordable and easy. Our cabins come as flat-packed kits, made to order, and delivered right to the build location. Because we go straight from the manufacturer to you, we can keep those costs down.

If you are interested in financing your cabin, we can work with several finance brokers to find the best solution for you, and if you don’t have your own builder to assemble the kit, we can easily arrange an installation quote for you too.

Within 3 months, your backyard cabin can be installed on your property in lock-up condition, ready for use.

Versatile and inspiring

With an extra internal room, the Expand gives you options. Storage for a workshop? A darkroom for a photography studio? You finally have the space you need to explore those possibilities.

Call it a home office, a workshop, a studio, a man cave or a she shed… 

We simply call it “Expand”, because that’s what it’ll do for your living.. 

Granny Flat installation within 3 months

If you are interested in financing your granny flats, we can work with finance brokers to find the best solution for you.

For expanding your own home or providing one for someone else, Timber Garden Cabins are the smart choice. Give us a call or fill out this form today.

At Timber Garden Cabins, we understand the importance of having space to live. Whether it’s a backyard cabin to pursue your passions, or a granny flat for a loved one or rental tenant to call home, our European-made timber cabin kits give you all the space you need.




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