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from $13,998

SOUL 16 or 20 SQM

Give your soul the space it needs to be creative and free with this classic timber cabin. This backyard cabin is ideal for arts and crafts projects, a yoga or pilates studio, or a home office.
Price: from $13,998
Finance is available
from $15,999


Choose to expand into your space to follow your passion. This timber garden cabin will give you the room you desire and currently lack.
Price: from $15,999
Finance is available
from $14,497


This cabin gives you the freedom you’re longing for. Spacious and free, with a modern look that makes you feel at home and at peace.
Price: from $14,497
Finance is available
from $13,497


Reclaim your lifestyle with this cabin in your own backyard. The large windows and doors allow plenty of light to stream into the space, giving you peace and serenity.
Price: from $13,497
Finance is available
from $13,498

DREAM 16 or 20 sqm

With plenty of room to fulfil your passion to create, craft, move or simply relax, this cabin gives you the space to dream. 
Price: from $13,498
Finance is available

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Expand your Living Space

Are you running out of room?

Between the Housing Crisis and the rising cost of living, space to live in is at a premium right now. Children are waiting longer to leave the nest and that nest can get pretty crowded. Beyond living space there are other demands being placed on the family home: office space, rehearsal room, art studio and gym – how does it all fit under the one roof? 

Well thanks to Timber Garden Cabins, it doesn’t have to!

We offer a range of quality timber cabins that you can easily build on your property, expanding your living space and increasing the value of your property without the cost and disruption that inevitably comes with extending your house. 

Your Perfect Cabin

A cabin for every backyard.

With four charming models, ranging in size from 15 to 20 square metres, we have the perfect backyard cabin to meet your needs: 

  • Looking to build your own art studio? The Lifestyle cabin’s windows will provide plenty of natural light. 
  • Building a home gym so you have space to pursue a healthy lifestyle? Consider our Freedom cabin for plenty of room to move.
  • Want a place where you can truly relax and get in touch with some inner peace? The Soul cabin makes for a perfect yoga studio. 
  • With its additional internal room, our Expand cabin has tremendous potential for work or play.

Expand your Living Space

Easy, fast and affordable.

All cabins come as flat-packed kits, making installation quick and easy, and finance is available to help you get started. Expand your living space and improve your life. 

Are you looking for Cabins Under 20 SQM? Simply complete the information request at the bottom of this page, and we’ll be in contact to guide you through the process. 

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If you are interested in financing your cabin, we can work with finance brokers to find the best solution for you.

For expanding your own home or providing one for someone else, Timber Garden Cabins are the smart choice.
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