WFH? 4 Tips for Creating a Productive Office Space at Home


Later alarms replace long commutes, and stale granola bars are subbed in for homemade breakfast sandwiches. Constrictive pencil skirts make way for unseen tracksuit pants, and dare we suggest that slippers are the new kitten heels? 

This is the land of remote working – but it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. And endless hours at the dining room table are rarely enticing. Scattered, smelly socks add insult to injury, and beckoning calls about toilet paper are enough to disrupt your flow. Plus, that mountain of dishes can distract you from the task at hand altogether. 

The pros of working from home far outweigh the cons – we simply need to know how to minimize distractions and create a space that allows productivity to flourish.  By doing so, it’s possible to eat ice cream at noon and meet deadlines with time to spare. Here’s how you do it. 

Separate your productive office space from the rest of the house

No matter how focused you are, family demands will take their toll. So you need a space to call your own, far removed from any room from which you could be summoned by a needy loved one.

And what better way to create this than with an outdoor garden cabin? Not only will it give you the peace and quiet you need, but it’ll mean that someone actually has to walk out the back door to access you. Redundant questions quickly become a thing of the past (you know the ones!). 

Having an outdoor garden cabin also allows for natural lighting, known for its positive effect on concentration. It keeps us alert and reduces eye strain, making it a must-have for premium working conditions. Your unique space also allows you to set the mood, as it’s unlikely you have the same preferences as your housemates.

To be effective and efficient, you may require more or less sound than others. Or perhaps a specific scent encourages your creative juices to flow. No matter your preferences, this space will allow you to customize them.

Keep your space clean

Imagine a space void of other people’s sweaty socks, where nothing decorates the floor but your newly purchased Persian carpet. Minimalist potted plants adorn the space, and your yoga mat rolls out effortlessly without bumping into kids’ toys. 

Cluttered spaces seem to be a natural part of any home. And while scattered clothes may not be your problem, you likely hide your own secret hoarding habit! We’re referring to the countless sticky notes that collect dust on your desk or old pens that no longer serve a purpose. Maybe it’s a pile of bills or last year’s birthday cards. Whatever it is, it’s got to go! 

Clean workspaces are imperative to productivity, as a cluttered space can cost us time and often leads to procrastination. When the task at hand seems timely and tedious, we are more likely to put it off. However, when we know where everything is, disorganization is no longer a problem.

We all know the feeling of putting off emails. As your inbox grows, you let it spiral until the mountain becomes unmanageable. The same goes for de-cluttered spaces — the less you have to dig through to get a task done, the more likely you will complete it. 

Opt for comfortable furniture

Your dining room chairs were made for wine-filled fiestas, not endless hours of typing. And your vibrant accent stools make excellent statement pieces but won’t cut it as an office chair. An aching back and screaming shoulders are counterproductive to meeting your Friday deadlines! That’s why you should never underestimate the power of a comfortable chair. 

When shopping for productive office space furniture, make sure you take it for a proper test run. Take time to consider whether it provides good posture positions, and check whether or not the seat depth suits your working style.

It’s also smart to mix up your options to avoid sitting in the same position too long. For example, consider a standing desk for your afternoon meetings. And a soft couch may be a good idea to provide a reprieve from harder surfaces. 

How can you expect to take on the world with excruciating back pain? You simply can’t give your best when your hips are suffering under pressure. Instead, you’ll be blown away by the effects of functional furniture on your productivity and overall health. 

Add inspiring artwork

Art has the power to transform a productive office space and transport you to new worlds. In this case, the world is one of productivity and creativity. While splashes of color keep us alert and on our toes,  inspiring designs encourage us to tap into our own creative powers. 

When choosing your art, look for pieces that speak to your personal style. When a room embodies your character, you’re more likely to own the space. You’ll also feel more empowered to make decisions. Of course, art can also invoke creativity. And whether you consider yourself creative or not, our projects could all benefit from a touch of personalized pizzazz. 

If you don’t already have your own productive haven, we’ll set up a garden she-shed workspace just for you. Because at the end of the day, the right working conditions will enable you to get much more done in less time. Now that’s what we call an investment! Learn more about our options here, and be sure to send us a message if you have any questions. 

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