Why a She-Shed is Your Must-Have Self-Care Solution


When you think about a she-shed, you might think it’s a luxury reserved for those with endless space and a bottomless bank account. But that’s simply not the case! Not with Timber Garden Cabins, at least. Our expertly-crafted cabins are affordable and built to enhance your backyard aesthetics. They provide you with the space you need for real, authentic “me time.”

But do you need a backyard cabin? We think yes, but that’s not our question to answer.

If you’re juggling a crowded home with a cluttered mind, read on to learn how a she-shed can be the solution you need to beat burnout, rediscover your passions, and establish clear boundaries to protect your energy.

It will give you space to rest.

Who doesn’t need moments of quiet during their day? We often think about rest as sleeping, in which case you may think your bedroom is all you need. But that’s simply not the case! There are actually seven types of rest: physical, mental, social, creative, emotional, spiritual, and sensory.

Maybe you want a place to dive into a book for sensory or creative rest. Or perhaps you need privacy for virtual therapy to get emotional rest. You may even be due for a good, old-fashioned nap for physical rest! Regardless of the rest you need, a backyard cabin is a space for you to fill your cup and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

And since the types of rest you need will fluctuate with life’s demands, your cabin becomes an all-purpose sanctuary to just be you. So give yourself the love and compassion you need by prioritizing intentional rest.

It’s an outlet for creativity.

Your home should be a space to express your personality, but let’s be realistic – it’s hardly ever possible to do that when you have to balance your preferences with those of your partner, children, and other housemates. For instance, why put out a lovely pristine rug when you know it will undoubtedly get dirty?

A backyard cabin provides the blank canvas you need to let your creative juices flow. Fill it with your favorite colors, inspirational artwork, fragile belongings, and the details you love — all while knowing it’s solely for you.

And designing the space is only the beginning! Once you curate a haven made just for you, you’ll find that your creative floodgates have been opened. You can use that space to write the novel you started years ago, learn how to play a new instrument, start a garden, or fall back in love with painting. Creating is empowering, and it’s about time you rediscovered your creative genius.

It allows you to decompress.

Arguments are inevitable in a household — how you handle them is what matters most. And when you’re feeling underappreciated, angry, or hurt by someone at home, it can be hard to work through those emotions when you have to see them around every corner. You may even wish they’d just leave you alone and let you get over it.

But wait. What if, instead of them going away, you had a quiet and peaceful space to remove yourself from the situation and calm down? Enter: your she-shed. It’s close enough that you can return with a level head when ready but far enough away that you don’t have to worry about hurtful words slipping out in the heat of a fight. 

Instead, you can retreat, reflect, and process your feelings so you can approach the situation from a calm and collected perspective. Perhaps you need to blast your favorite playlist or break a sweat to overcome your negative emotions. With your own space, you can do whatever it takes without judgment.

It’s what you deserve.

No, seriously. You give so much of yourself away to care for others, and it’s truly commendable. Women often take on the most work in their homes, stepping in for the “second shift” even if they work a full-time job. Dishes, laundry, cooking, and stocking your home are exhausting! But you show up, ready to do it all because you love those around you.

As honorable as this is, you deserve to prioritize your own needs. Just like the oxygen mask on a plane, you have to take care of yourself before you can give others your full attention. Without a space to get away and retreat, you will end up feeling depleted and overwhelmed — not exactly strong motivators for generosity!

Consider this your permission slip to love yourself first. Because we know—and you will find out—that loving yourself is the only way you can truly express your love for others.

Ready to claim your own space? Your she-shed is waiting for you! Contact us today to learn more about our backyard cabins and take the first steps in creating your peace.

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