4 Essential Tips For Buying Backyard Log Cabins, Australia

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4 Essential Tips For Buying Backyard Log Cabins, Australia


A log cabin is a versatile building that’s easy to set up and comes in a variety of sizes, so you can build it anywhere – even in your backyard! It’s good for a variety of uses, such as a lovely backyard studio for your arts and crafts, a yoga or Pilates retreat, a quiet writing area, or a functional garden shed.

Let’s face it: there are a million uses for a log cabin in your backyard. But before you go out and buy one, we have just 4 essential tips you need to know to purchase a backyard log cabin wisely.


1.     Decide What You Want To Use It For (And Stick To It)


This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but life isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes we start out with a vision for a private space, but then that space gets taken over by the rest of the household. It becomes a resting place for old junk or a playground for our kids.

Before you buy your log cabin, decide what you want to use it for, and stick to it. If you want a studio, make it a studio. If you want to stretch and do yoga in it and nothing else, turn it into a household rule that that is your private space for yoga. Don’t let anyone or anything else take over your pet project.


2.     Measure Everything


Measure everything. We mean it. Your backyard, the distance from the cabin spot to the house, the distance from the power lines. Up, down, across, and even under the ground: measure it all so that you know exactly where your cabin can fit – and where it can’t.


3.     Pick A Spot


Pick the spot where you want your log cabin to go. Consider where the sun rises and sets and whether you want any of its rays to shine through the windows. Maybe you don’t want windows, so it doesn’t matter anyway. Or maybe the only place in your garden where it will fit is where some of your favorite flowers are growing.

Picking a spot gives you time to move things around, including plants, and make the outdoor space accommodating for the new building. It also helps the builders so they know where to set up the cabin, because once it is built it can’t be moved.


4.     Prefab Cabin Or Custom Build?


Now comes the hardest decision of all: do you want a prefabricated cabin, or do you want a custom builder to design and construct one for you?

For economy as well as quality, we recommend backyard cabin kits. 

The kits we sell are German engineered, imported from Europe, and designed to hold up in the Australian climate. They’re much cheaper than a custom-built cabin from a local builder, yet they are just as durable – even more so thanks to the European materials. 

It takes our experienced team of builders just seven days to set up your new cabin, whereas a local builder could take weeks or even months to complete the project. This means you can start enjoying your new studio or private retreat almost right away. 


If you’re looking for backyard studio kits, Australia companies like ours can’t be beat. Follow our 4 essential tips so you can buy your very own garden log cabin.

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